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Ammar's opened doors under the name Ammar Halal Meat Food Mart Inc. in March of 2004, by brothers Ammar & Bashar Al-hendi. Combining Ammar's distinguished background in the art of fine butchery and Bashar's diligent experience in business management and operations, we set up shop in a small storefront at the Lancaster Plaza in Kitchener with our sights set on having the cleanest, most extensive, and knowledgable local halal butcher shop in the tri-cities. Since then we've grown and evolved, but the heart of our business remains the same. We're a family focused on fine products and excellent service. From our fresh produce, daily baked pitas, sweets, and Waterloo Region's only full service halal deli counter, to our selective grocery items and award-winning butcher shop we hold our name and reputation to the highest standard. All cuts of meat found in our butcher shop are Ontario raised, in distinctly humane conditions. We know that premium quality is determined on the field, long before the it gets to the butchers table. Halal, which means permitted in Islam, guarantees that the animals raised were done so with utmost respect and care for their well-being.  All of our meats are hand-slaughtered halal and of the finest quality found in Ontario. All of our products surpass rigorous health inspection by Public Health, the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and our own Signature Ammar's standard. 

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